Mice Control

Mice Control

Mice / Rats can pose to be a big health hazard and nuisance whether inside home or workplace. The mice can be hard to maneuver as they live in groups. They climb walls, hard surfaces and have the ability recognize voices and sense danger.

The mice are smart animals and live in interconnected groups. Some of them can climb walls, hard surfaces and have a great ability to recognize voices and sense of danger. These notorious creatures can also enter from very small openings even smaller than their body sizes and spread serious diseases causing food poisoning and parasites through their waste. Mice are known to cause major financial damage for food, leaves, agricultural crops and even damage to power cables and internet networks.

Few ways to combat Mice:

  • Shut down all the openings from which the mice can enter
  • Shut doors and windows always and sewage sinks
  • Clean the house of unwanted materials, which can be a safe place for mice
  • To remove the bushes and cut tree branches near windows to restrict the ability of mice to climb these branches
  • Use Rat adhesive available in supermarkets
  • Use traditional rat traps with the use of favorite foods for mice such as cheese

We know that sometimes despite lot of efforts, it is hard to eliminate pests such as mice. For an expert pest control treatment for your home / workplace, contact us at Smart Care Cleaning services. Our pest control experts will be pleased to help you to with effective solutions at best prices.

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