Ant Control

Ants Control in Abu Dhabi

Ants can cause inconvenience at home or work place. Alhough there is no health hazard involved it can cause significant material harm. The ants have a large head, an oval-shaped belly, a slim waist, and several legs and horns. A sensor helps them reach food and keeps them active during winter. Due to its small size, it is difficult to control them or restrict their whereabouts. In the field of ants control in Abu Dhabi, we are working for the past several years.

Tips for Ants Control in Abu Dhabi

Here are few ways to combat ants in your home and work place:

  • Find the cracks in the ants and work to close these cracks
  • Use vinegar with water inside the spray them atworkshops where the ants exist
  • Close all foodsoources well so as not to seep into the ants
  • Use some spices with water in sprays such as black pepper, mint and garlic and spray the place them at their trails.
  • Lemon peels can be used on the cracks.

If you have tried all these methods and yet not able to control ants in your home or work place, you need the expert’sadvise. At Smart Care Cleaning Services we guarantee the effective elimination of pests and are committed to provide you with the best service possible in Abu Dhabi. Choose Smart Care for any type of Pest Control and Cleaning services in Abu Dhabi.