Lizard Control

Lizard Control

During the summer season, it is common to find lizards in and around homes and places of work. To keep them away, it is useful to know about their way of life, nutrition and whereabouts.

Lizards are creeping reptilesthat climb walls and smooth surfaces. They have the ability to balance even when they are inverted. They feed on insects in general, so they are usually present in places where insects are found such as gardens or near light sources. Typically, lizards are harmless creatures but can breed an uninvited family and litter area with their eggs and waste.

Some measures to keep Lizards away:

  • Spraying car oil on the tires of doors and windows and at light sources.
  • Using rat adhesive available in the supermarket.
  • Put eggshells around the places where lizards are commonly present.
  • Close all cracks around doors and windows to prevent the entry of Lizards.

We know that despite sincere efforts, it is not easy to completely get rid of such pests. It is always best to consult pest control experts to receive customized solutions based on your premises and budget.

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