Insects Control

Insects Control (flies - mosquitoes - bees - wasps)

The types of flying insects that can cause harm to you and those around you are collected from trash cans and fouling like flies, including those who feed on human blood, such as mosquitoes and those who take trash from your home or work place to build nests such as bees and wasps.

Certainly, flying insects can cause life threatening diseases through their droppings or through the transfer of contaminated blood or skin allergies such as bees or wasps if not detected properly.

Some ways to keep flying insects away:

  • Use of protection nets on windows and doors.
  • Shut down unnecessary lighting of the house during sunset (to fight flies)
  • Regularly dispose garbage permanently and use trash cans with a lid.
  • Ensure that there is no stagnant water around the house in the garden or swimming pool (to fight mosquitoes)
  • Permanently and quickly dispose of food residues and put them in sealed plastic bags and place them in the garbage bin
  • Avoid planting trees that attract flying insects
  • Usemoderate amount of irrigation for trees and plants (to control mosquitoes)
  • Try to get rid of the nests (bees and wasps) very carefully so the insects do not attack.

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